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Reviews of Yale Repertory’s The Servant of Two Masters

“The laughter would be quite enough to propel The Servant of Two Masters onto a theater lover’s must-see list. But then there’s the magic.” 
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“…what makes this production outstanding is not just the slapstick comedy and the witty adaptation by Constance Congdon, but its heart and the loving lyricism that (Christopher) Bayes places on the production.”
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And (Steven) Epp, a master of physical acting, imbues every little movement with meaning. His brand of artistry is essential to commedia dell’arte, especially because the masks that identity its stock personalities conceal the actors’ faces.”
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Under New Haven native Christopher Bayes’ smooth and stylish direction, and working from Constance Congdon’s crafty adaptation, the cast surely masters this comic souffle by dint of hard work. But, boy, do they make it look easy. Think of a highlight reel from the greatest bits of The Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Bill Irwin and insert your favorite physical comedian here, and you get the idea.”
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“‘The show is about a company of actors doing Servant. You see the bare bones of the theater and then you see the company going to work and enjoying what they do. They’re all cooking together in the kitchen,’ Bayes said of his attempt to lift all of the veils that can shroud what goes into putting on a show.”
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“‘I feel so blessed to work with this cast,’ said Bayes, who does lots of improv in his rehearsals. ‘There’s a trust — it’s a real company…There’s no degree of separation between performer and audience,” he (Christopher Bayes) added. ‘It’s a chaotic riot.'”
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