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What is your ideal Valentine’s Day?

Inga Ballard plays Lucetta – “After Julia takes off for Milan, Lucetta spends a romantic Valentine’s evening filled with wine, song and Julia’s father. If that doesn’t work out she follows Julia to Milan for a Valentine’s rendezvous with the Duke.  Lucetta is the mysterious lady of Verona the Duke has been seeing.”

Nick Dillenburg plays Proteus – “Proteus’ ideal Valentine’s Day would be a bit unorthodox, a bit wild.  It’d start out with Parkour or rock climbing, then some street hot dogs, then some tequila shots at a place with a live rock band.”

Natalie Mitchell plays Silvia – “Silvia’s perfect date would only be possible if her father unlocked her room and would let her go somewhere without the henchmen. She would spend the whole day with Valentine who would serenade her on the beach during sunset and they would eat fish tacos from a taco truck.  The night would end with skinny dipping in the ocean. Natalie’s best Valentine’s day would be having a day off of a show and spending the whole day in New York with my fiancé getting pampered and eating great food, which is going to happen in real life. Lucky me!”

Todd Scofield plays Sir Eglamour – “For Sir Eglamour: a romantic dinner with Sylvia at a fancy restaurant.”

Stephen P. Martin plays the Host – “As the Host a nice brew or two would do, with all my young friends at the Alehouse zoo! As myself, it’s so simple; the love of my life is the one I would be with – my beautiful wife!”

Jacob Perkins plays an Outlaw – “My character, Outlaw 3 (AKA Steve), would take his valentine to a shooting range, then to a dive bar where everyone knows his name, and finally, cook up that rabbit he hunted a few weeks back for a nice dinner.”

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