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Spotlight on Strange Interlude’s Ted Koch

Photo of Ted Koch in rehearsal . Photo by Nicole Geldart.

How did you get involved with acting?

I am the youngest in a large family of seven kids so there was always a little bit of fighting for attention, and a lot of drama going on. Being a little on the hyperactive side, and not the best student in the world, I think my parents noticed that the only time I was ever really focused and concentrated was when I was playing a role of some kind. So unlike most parents, they encouraged me to head in the acting direction from a very young age. Thankfully at the time there was an abundance of art programs and teachers, supported by the community dedicated to arts education.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?  

Before almost every show I do what I call a “breath through” of my script. I focus on my breathing, and look through my script as if it were the first time I ever read it to see what new things jump out at me.

Also on two show days I have to take a nap between shows. Then I wake up and tell myself it’s a brand new day.

How do you memorize lines?

I rarely sit down and memorize lines, although sometimes time constraints make that a must. Most important for me is to figure out what I want in each moment. Then through the rehearsal process and repetition they stick.

What’s your favorite part of the Strange Interlude process so far?

My favorite part of the Strange Interlude process so far is watching how this piece continues to come together. Watching Michael Kahn painstakingly adding and subtracting dialog until just the right tone and meaning is achieved. Watching my amazing fellow actors tackle each moment, and then figuring out how to weave that moment into the next one. Seeing the care and attention to detail each of our designers, stage managers, crew and staff are putting into this. Strange Interlude has been, and continues to be an unparalleled collaborative process.

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