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Q&A with Liam Brennan

Join us in welcoming Liam Brennan—an actor in the upcoming production of Stephen Daldry‘s production of J.B. Priestley‘s An Inspector Calls—to STC. While Liam is new to our stages, he’s an experienced classical actor in the U.K. and no stranger to the role of Inspector Goole. Liam starred in An Inspector Calls in the West End revival production in 2016 and on the U.K. tour. Liam is also known for his performance in the acclaimed West End and Broadway repertory productions of director Mark Rylance’s Twelfth Night (Orsino) and Richard III (Clarence). Liam has starred in countless productions at Shakespeare’s Globe including Measure for MeasureMacbethRichard II and Edward II.

STC: What do you like most and what is most challenging about the role of Inspector Goole?

LB: I think the thing I enjoy most about playing the Inspector is the challenge of trying to be interesting and intriguing to the audience when in a way he is written very neutrally. There isn’t really a “character” to hang your hat on. You have to bring a lot of yourself to it.

STC: What is it like to go on tour? Is there anything in Washington, D.C. you’re most excited to see or to do?

LB: I enjoy touring very much, it can be tiring but I love seeing new places. The gypsy life kind of suits me I think. I’m looking forward to seeing everything I can in D.C.—I’ve never been.

STC: What is it like to work on such a significant production?

LB: I am very proud to be part of this significant production. It’s a great play and this production has a long history. It amazes me at times to think how many people and especially school kids in the UK have seen it and for so many of them it will have been their first introduction to theatre.

STC: What do you hope audiences take away from An Inspector Calls?

LB: I hope audiences take away its fundamental message of tolerance and kindness and understanding for those less fortunate than us which is summed up in the Inspector’s short—but I think wonderful—final speech about how we don’t live alone and are all members of one society.

STC: What are your thoughts on An Inspector Calls having an American audience?

LB: I hope an American audience will be as receptive to An Inspector Calls as any other. It’s a difficult philosophy to resist when delivered as eloquently as it is in this play.

Photo of Liam Brennan as Inspector Goole in An Inspector Calls by Mark Douet.

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