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Poets Are Present: Sarah Ann Winn

Poets are Present is a poetry residency in conjunction with David Ives’s adaptation of The Metromaniacs. As part of this unique theatre/poetry exchange, the Shakespeare Theatre Company is proud to host more than 30 D.C.-area poets in the theatre’s lobby. Throughout the run, we will share with you the poems that this residency inspired our guests to write. Visit our Poets are Present page to see a list of upcoming poets.Winn_Sarah

Sarah Ann Winn lives in Fairfax Virginia. Her poems have appeared or will appear in Bayou Magazine, [d]ecember, Massachusetts Review, Quarterly West, and RHINO among others. Her chapbook, Portage, is forthcoming from Sundress Publications this winter.
Follow Sarah on Twitter: @blueaisling

Stand By

By Sarah Ann Winn

 I told him, I said
Are you actually a poet?
I mean, have you seen your father?

He’s around here somewhere.
Check the bath rooms,
check will call.
Did you want to check your coat?
I sold one, right off the wall.
Exciting! Oh, here we go.

Curtain in five.
Your wine will be waiting
after the audience exits.

Your lobby’s open.
Here’s to retirement.
It’s ten til doors.



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