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Inside the Shops: Costumes of The Metromaniacs Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our series inside the costume shop with The Metromaniacs. Sandra Thomas, First Hand in the STC costume shop, documents the process of bringing a costume to life from the designer to the actor. Join us for an inside peek of designer Murell Horton’s luxurious designs for The Metromaniacs.  (See Part 1 here) (See Part 2 here)

Part 3. Finishing Details

A great deal of time is spent getting the detail work just right on the elegant costumes of The Metromaniacs. Here, Costume Designer Murell Horton and Draper Randall Exton discuss trim placement on the muslin mock-up for “Dorante’s” jacket and study trim options.

34. Designer Murell and draper Randall discuss trim placement on the muslin mock-up  38. Murell and Randall discuss the trim for the waistcoat 37. Murell and Randall discuss trim options

Different trim placements are tested on the mock-up waistcoat and coat, and then on the real fabric pieces.

51. possible trim placement on front of waistcoat  45. possible trim placement on mock-up

50.   possible trim placement on back of waistcoat  62. Designer Murell and Randall discuss trim placement

63. Dorante's coat in progress, with the mock-up coat behind it

Many of the patterns on the costumes were created through silk screening. Murell discusses silk screen options with Josh Kelley, Lead Crafts Artisan, who creates the screens.

44.Murell discusses silk screen options with Josh Kelley, Lead Crafts Artisan  48. Silk screens being prepared in the Crafts Department by Josh Kelley


Actor Anthony Roach has a final fitting in his “Dorante” costume.

1. final fitting, waistcoat  7. final fitting

To complete the look, custom made shoes were commissioned for several of the actors.        65_CROP 66_CROP

The final costume in action on Anthony Roach, with Amelia Pedlow as “Lucille.”


A big thank you to Sandra and everyone in our costume shop for making this backstage series possible!

The Metromaniacs plays thruogh March 8 in the Lansburgh Theatre. 

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