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Inside the Shops: Costumes of The Metromaniacs Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series inside the costume shop with The Metromaniacs. Sandra Thomas, First Hand in the STC costume shop, documents the process of bringing a costume to life from the designer to the actor. Join us for an inside peek of designer Murell Horton’s luxurious designs for The Metromaniacs.

(See Part 1 here)

 Part 2. Construction Begins

After a fitting of the mock-up with actor Anthony Roach, the team gets to work building the costume for his character, “Dorante.”

Costume Stitcher, Donna Sachs, begins stitching the shirt, putting in a series of pleats that will run down the front.

40. pleats in progress for front of Dorante's shirt   31. Costume stitcher, Donna Sachs stitching Dorante's shirt   32. Donna working on the pleats in Dorante's shirt

Adjustments are made to the paper pattern from the fitting, and then the pieces are marked out on the real costume fabric. Here, pattern pieces for the breeches are traced, including copying over any sewing marks and guides, and the pieces are cut out.

33. beginning to lay out the pattern in real fabric (breeches)   41. the pattern pieces for the breeches have been traced out onto the fabric, ready to cut 42. the pattern pieces for the breeches have been traced onto the fabric and are ready to cut

Costume pieces (such as the coat shown here) are then pinned together for sewing.

56. coat ready to be sewn   57. coat ready to be sewn

Donna works on Dorante’s coat.

58. Stitcher Donna Sachs working on Dorante's coat

The contrasting waistcoat begins construction, with Costume Intern Stephanie sewing it together.

59. Costume intern, Stephanie working on Dorante's waistcoat   46. waistcoat fabric

Donna and Draper Randall Exton study the progress of Dorante’s coat.

60. Donna and Randall discuss the progress of Dorante's coat

Dorante’s costume is ready for a real fabric fitting.

64. Dorante is ready for a real fabric fitting

Next up: Finishing touches

The Metromaniacs begins February 3 in the Lansburgh Theatre. 

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