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Get to know the cast of The Government Inspector

“It’ll be my 62nd production at STC. Hope folks will remember me! Excited to be appearing with Derek again—he was Prince Hal to my Falstaff in 1994. Long time ago. And Floyd! And Nancy! As you say, Old Home Week… We’ll have fun.” David Sabin (Judge)

“I was in The Government Inspector on Broadway 20 years ago. Tony Randall played Hlestakov. I vividly remember loving it and making a mental note that when I was right for the part one day, I must play it. Michael Kahn is perfect for this comedy, and Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation is the only one to use. It’s wildly funny, but it’s also a social and psychological play… I think finding the darkness in the play and using it as a truthful springboard for comedy is the journey.” Derek Smith (Hlestakov)

“I was in the first play in the Lansburgh and the first play in the Harman. Coming back to STC always feels like coming home.” Craig Wallace (School Principal)

“I am thrilled to be a member of this wonderful company.” Liam Craig (Osip)

“I’m excited to be working with dear friends.” Nancy Robinette (Anna)

“STC is always full of top-notch collaborators, and with all these people in the same room… Circle the wagons! We’re surrounded by comedians! I know my sides will be aching from the first read on. Since most of the cast has worked at STC before, it’ll be a relief not to have anyone stumbling into the wrong dressing room. And have you seen the costumes? I’ll admit I have something of a middle-age paunch, but I want everyone to know—that’s a fat suit I’m wearing!Rick Foucheux (Mayor)

“Given the list of actors in this cast, I look forward to an insane and inspiring process.” Claire Brownell (Marya)

“What excites me about being in The Government Inspector? In a word: Nancy Robinette. And Rick Foucheux. And of course Craig. And Tom. And Hugh and Larry and Harry. And the STC regulars like David and Floyd… And on and on. What a great group of actors.” Sarah Marshall (Grusha/Innkeeper’s Wife/Corporal’s Widow)

“It has taken me 34 years as a working Washington, D.C., actor but I finally made it on to the Shakespeare Theatre Company stage.” Harry A. Winter (Dobchinsky)

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