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Community Responses to Othello: Student Edition (Round 2)

Community Responses to Othello: Student Edition (Round 2)

STC’s vision is to create theatre that ignites a dialogue and that connects classic works to our modern world—this vision is especially true for Ron Daniels’ production of OthelloIn the context of world events, this tragedy is one of the classics that seems most timely, relevant and urgent.

Throughout the run of this urgent production, over 4,000 students from 57 schools in the Washington area will get the chance to see Othello as part of our SHAKESPEARIENCE and District Shakespeare matinees. Whenever STC hosts student matinees, we encourage students to ask questions after the show and to engage more with the art. As part of our community responses to Othello series, we would like to publish just a few questions from those students. We hope this will continue to help further the dialogue between STC, the community and the youth and help provide our audiences with another lens to view this current production.

Now, without further introduction, please enjoy the questions about Othello from some local students who have attended our Othello student matinees:

Desdemona_QuestionQuestion: How does Desdemona find a balance between being fiercely independent while remaining a woman of her time?

Biggest Challenge_Question

Question: What was your biggest challenge to work on a play without many set pieces and backgrounds?


Question: Lighting Designer/any technician: How long have you been in the industry? How has it felt to be nominated for several Tonies? What’s your favorite light? What’s your favorite gel? Do you have a lucky wrench?

WWI Era_Question
Question: How did you decide to set the show in a WWI era? How do you think it contributes to the meaning mood of the show?

Lion-Bird question
Question: During the scene where the lion-bird thingy is holding the book: What do the words [featured below] mean?

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