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Behind the Scenes: Tartuffe

Join us for behind-the-scenes glimpses into the inspirations for Tartuffe’s design. This week, Director and Co-Scenic Designer Dominique Serrand shares a few thoughts on the insprations behind the show’s monumental set. 

The set is inspired by 17th-century architecture, the Hotel des Invalides–known for its lean and clean limestone–and by the stunning frontal doorway of the Eglise Saint Gervais. It is monumental architecture, remindful of churches, vertically rhythmic, with high windows allowing light to enter the space at regular intervals  through the room.TARTUFFE_311

The play taking place in one day, we thought of lighting the show in one continuous light cue traveling east west, the audience being situated on the north side.

The space is bare, lined horizontally with simple trims and moldings to accentuate the perspective, with few adornments, besides the Sun panel, a golden carved wood panel above the main entrance, plain south, reminding us of the omni presence of the sun king whoTARTUFFE_233 censored the play.

For an in-depth look at Tartuffe’s lighting design, and many more photos, check out the feature by the Washington Post.


Tartuffe runs through July 5 at Sidney Harman Hall.

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