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Lauren Gunderson Interview Part 1: Taking on J.M. Barrie

When approaching a beloved classic like Peter Pan, America’s Most Produced Playwright (American Theatre) Lauren Gunderson had her fair share of apprehension. Originally produced in 1904, the story of Peter Pan has charmed audiences with whimsical adventures while also presenting problematic representations of Indigenous Americans and women. Lauren Gunderson is here to change that. “This is a reimagining of this classic tale that is exuberant and fantastic, but we wanted to reframe it and it re-explore it for a modern audience,” she explains. Watch our new interview with Lauren to learn how she manages to confront these issues while continuing the traditional Peter Pan experience with sword fights, flying, and fairy dust to delight and engage a new generation of theatregoers with this world-premiere adaptation.

Peter Pan begins December 3.

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