Lady and Sir Peter Tealze lead the chase in this giddy whirl of Restoration comedy. Lovers, fortune-hunters and almost-adulterers make up a cast that includes such unforgettable eccentrics as Sir Benjamin Backbite, Lady Sneerwell, and Mrs. Candor. All ends well for those aristocratic bunglers in a finale of forgiveness and marriage.

“In [Vince Foster’s suicide] note, he said that he wasn’t cut out for Washington, where destroying people is a sport. That phrase could be from The School for Scandal. It shows how little we’ve changed since Georgian England. The play stands on its own as a great blazing masterpiece of comic writing. But I don’t see why this play should be any less immediate and politically interesting than Julius Caesar.”
–Joe Dowling (director) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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The School for Scandal

Nov 29, 1994 - Jan 15, 1995

Klein Theatreby Richard Brinsley Sheridan

directed by Joe Dowling
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