Orgon has fallen under the spell of the pious fraud Tartuffe, at great cost to his family and household, in Tartuffe, Molière’s crowning achievement and scathing indictment of religious hypocrisy. The family watches in astonishment as their leader obeys every word of Tartuffe’s false piety and divine authority—who meanwhile is stealing secrets and seducing the lady of the house. Only by conspiring, hiding in closets and climbing under tables (all in true French farce fashion) can the family reveal Tartuffe’s fake divinity.

A co-production with Berkeley Repertory Theatre and South Coast Repertory Theatre, Tartuffe is directed by Dominique Serrand, the co-founder of the Tony Award-winning Théâtre de la Jeune Lune, and stars Steven Epp, returning to STC following his Helen Hayes Award-winning performance in The Servant of Two Masters in 2012.

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Jun 2, 2015 - Jul 5, 2015

Harman HallAdapted by David Ball
Directed by Dominique Serrand
Tartuffe is presented as a part of Comedy Française - The Clarice Smith Series.

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