The greatest love tragedy ever written. Caught up in a whirl of youthful passion, the lovers’ selfless surrender to one another is thwarted by the blind prejudice and hatred of their elders. A rich blend of lyric poetry, violent action and intense emotion.

“We didn’t dazzle with ideas. We just rode the relentless wave of the lauguage and the unavoidable fate of the characters. Michael has a great gift for paving the way for the text to avalanche its way to its necessary resolution. We captured something very honest and offered it to the community, and they responded. And so began Michael’s wonderful relationship with D.C.”
-Derek Smith (Romeo) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Romeo and Juliet

Nov 1, 1986 - Dec 23, 1986

Folger Shakespeare Libraryby William Shakespeare
directed by Michael Kahn
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