Called a “biography of force,” Richard III was one of Shakespeare’s earliest and most enduring successes; in fact, it was the first of his plays to be performed in America. Beginning where the Henry VI trilogy ends, this unflinching portrait of a bent and brutal man is a fast-paced study in concentrated energy. Crowned by means of shameless seduction, lies and bloodshed, Richard battles to keep his ill-gotten gain from the first of the great Tudor monarchs. As popular with audiences now as it was 400 years ago, Shakespeare closes his epic history cycle with one of the most alluring and repulsive characters in literature. The powerful partnership that brought audiences last season’s Hamlet returns, as acclaimed Australian director Gale Edwards directs Wallace Acton in the title role.

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Richard III

Mar 25, 2003 - May 18, 2003

Klein Theatreby William Shakespeare

directed by Gale Edwards
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