A woman attempting to profit from war ironically reaps a horrible loss. This modern masterpiece with its startling echoes of the great Shakespearean chronicles is a searing examination of the consequences of human conflict and the insuperable will to survive.

“All serious actresses tackle this role, and what damn fools we are! It’s the tragic/not-tragic thing that gets you. Some of it is very funny. Some of it is heartbreaking. Then there’s the famous silent scream. I asked Michael, “What is that?” And he said, “It is what it says it is.” Which is great, because it gives you just enough rope to hang yourself with. But the audience knew what it stood for. Old Bertolt knew what he was doing.”
–Pat Carroll (Mother Courage) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Mother Courage and Her Children

Apr 6, 1993 - May 16, 1993

Klein Theatreby Bertolt Brecht

translated by Hanif Kureishi

musical score by Louis Rosen

directed by Michael Kahn
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