Beginning with a monarch’s division of his kingdom amongst his three daughters, Shakespeare’s tragedy examines the tempest in one man’s mind as his family disintegrates, his country is ripped apart by petty ambitions and the very universe itself seems to unravel around him. Company member Ted van Griethuysen, winner of the 1999 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actor, will play Lear. Joining van Griethuysen are Shakespeare Theatre favorites Floyd King as the Fool, Tana Hicken as Goneril, Jennifer Harmon as Regan, David Sabin as Glouchester and Edward Gero as Kent.

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King Lear

Aug 31, 1999 - Oct 24, 1999

Klein Theatreby William Shakespeare

directed by Michael Kahn
Sponsored in part by AT&T, along with Klemm Analysis Group, Inc., and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Black.
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