Prince Hal returns in a blaze of glory as King Henry V, conquering France at the field of Agincourt and claiming the charming princess Kate as his prize. Artistic Director Michael Kahn continues his exploration of Shakespeare’s history plays with this sweeping tale, following chronologically on the heels of Richard II and Henry IV. Derek Smith, who won accolades for his Prince Hal in Henry IV, returns in the title role.

“Like all of Shakespeare, it’s seen differently depending on the society that’s producing it. Olivier in the 1940s very specifically chose to emphasize the patriotic and heroic aspects of the character at a time when Britain was at war with a very powerful enemy. Our own feelings about war and just wars have considerably changed…I don’t think Shakespeare takes a side. He wants to put it all on stage not so that we will accept his personal point of view but so that we will actually see the whole picture and make up our own minds.”
–Michael Kahn (director) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Henry V

Nov 28, 1995 - Jan 14, 1996

Klein Theatreby William Shakespeare

directed by Michael Kahn
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