“What infinite heart’s ease must kings neglect, that private men enjoy!”

Young and brash King Henry V of England takes his nation to war with France. As he leads his troops into combat and experiences the true costs of war firsthand, Henry discovers that the challenges of leadership are greater than he ever imagined. From Henry’s rousing battle speeches to his quieter moments courting the Princess of France, Shakespeare explores what makes a man a king … and a king a man. Henry V is directed by Associate Artistic Director David Muse, whose Julius Caesar was praised by Washingtonian as “one of the best productions of this or any season.” Henry V plays in repertory with Richard II.

“I began to find the kernel of a really interesting psychological story, especially if the distance between how this man acts publicly and how he feels privately is vast; if this is a man who in public is inspiring, direct, sure of himself and sure of what his country needs to be doing, and then in private is uncertain about the wisdom of war, exhausted, lonely, anxious and torn apart by the things he must do.”
–David Muse (director) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Henry V

Feb 4, 2010 - Apr 10, 2010

Harman Hallby William Shakespeare

directed by David Muse

performed in repertory with Richard II
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