Continuing the epic sweep of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry VHenry VI brings to the stage a sainted weakling who loses France, his queen and his throne, paving the way for Richard III’s rampage of evil. Michael Kahn’s single-evening adaptation of Shakespeare’s trilogy takes the audience from the bloody battlefields of France to the cutthroat intrigue of the Wars of the Roses.

“When I create a character I adopt a different voice, a different physical characteristic. For Henry, I didn’t do that. He’s a simple, ordinary man. I wanted to hold onto the truth of that…Looking back, I think it was Michael at his most brilliant: easily taking what I brought to this new production, letting it grow, re-shaping it and making it all new. As a result my love for the character grew to the point where even today others roll their eyes when I propound the virtues of Henry VI.
–Philip Goodwin (Henry VI) in An American Classic: Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Henry VI

Sep 17, 1996 - Nov 3, 1996

Klein Theatreby William Shakespeare

adapted and directed by Michael Kahn

A single-evening adaptation of King Henry VI, Parts 1, 2 and 3
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