Beautiful, icy and pathologically destructive, Hedda Gabler—the title character of Ibsen’s deeply psychological drama—is one of the most riveting and disturbed women ever brought to life on stage. Married to the dull professor George Tesman, she meticulously plans the ruin of the young scholar Eilert Løvborg by exploiting his weakness for drink, burning his life’s work and making him a gift of one of her dueling pistols—an act with terrible consequences. Hedda’s cruel intentions veer off course when a judge as cold and calculating as she is threatens to expose her true self. A character tragedy unlike any other in modern drama, Hedda Gabler is the great dramatist’s most controlled and ruthless work, a play whose impact has not lessened since its premiere in 1890. Michael Kahn directs Judith Light in her Shakespeare Theatre debut.

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Hedda Gabler

Jun 5, 2001 - Jul 29, 2001

Klein Theatreby Henrick Ibsen

directed by Michael Kahn
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