A dramatic sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, David Greig’s Dunsinane by the National Theatre of Scotland and Royal Shakespeare Company,is a vision of one man’s attempt to restore peace in a country ravaged by war. Under cover of night, an English army has swept through Scotland, killed the tyrant Macbeth and taken the seat of power. Siward, the English commanding officer, tries to put in place a new ruler while beset by a brutal guerrilla uprising and simmering discontent amongst his troops. Written from the perspective of a Scot, Dunsinane examines the struggle of a foreign invader to grasp local customs and politics while trying to restore order in a war-torn land.

The National Theatre of Scotland returns to the Shakespeare Theatre Company with David Greig’s Dunsinane. This production continues the relationship between the two companies, which includes the highly praised 2012 Presentation Series performance of Black Watch and David Greig’s play-in-a-pub, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, presented at the Bier Baron tavern.

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Feb 4, 2015 - Feb 21, 2015

Harman Halldirected by Roxana Silbert from the National Theatre of Scotland & Royal Shakespeare Company
Dunsinane is sponsored by Dr. Paul and Mrs. Rose Carter.
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