Molière’s Don Juan so shocked its first audience in 1665 that it was immediately and persistently censored. Stephen Wadsworth’s translation reimagines that premiere, the last time Molière’s original text was ever heard. Charismatic, anarchic and wickedly funny, Don Juan trains his piercing intellect on Louis XIV’s France and carves brilliantly into sex, politics, religion and the social contract, while his servant Sganarelle argues passionately for his master’s soul. When Heaven itself comes to punish him for his sins, Don Juan remains defiant, willing to risk all for the freedom to think and act as he pleases. Wadsworth makes his Shakespeare Theatre Company debut directing his reconstruction of Molière’s masterpiece. His version of the play earned him a decoration from the French government, and his productions of Molière have been called “undeniably rich and ambitious, packed with both spectacle and ideas” (Variety ).

A joy to behold!
Jeremy Webb’s Don Juan is a dashing reprobate with a mind of steel and a heart of Teflon. Michael Milligan, as Sganarelle, is a perfect foil.”
Leslie Milk, Washingtonian

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Don Juan

Jan 24, 2006 - Mar 19, 2006

Klein Theatreby Molière

translated, adapted and directed by Stephen Wadsworth
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