Written by the German poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller in 1787, Don Carlos is the tragedy of a royal family: King Philip II of Spain, his wife and his only son and heir, Don Carlos. While struggling to maintain his sovereignty over the Spanish Netherlands, Philip contends with a threat much closer to the throne: the Crown Prince. Eager to liberate the Netherlanders from his father’s control, Don Carlos is also in love with his stepmother Elizabeth. Clouded by their private passions, manipulated by the sinister Duke of Alba, Philip and Carlos are forced into an endgame with mortal consequences. The struggle for freedom—personal, religious and amorous—is at the heart of this masterpiece of suspense and passion.

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Don Carlos

Jan 16, 2001 - Mar 11, 2001

Klein Theatreby Friedrich Schiller
translated by Robert David MacDonald

directed by Michael Kahn
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