A mighty hero, Caius Martius, earns the new name of “Coriolanus” for his triumphs. However his inflexible self-belief and contempt for popular rule cause him to be condemned as a traitor and sent into exile. Desiring revenge against the Romans who banished him, he befriends his blood enemy, Aufidius, to launch an assault on his beloved city. Rome, in its terror, pleads with Coriolanus to end his crusade for vengeance. Celebrated director David Muse who has “distinguished himself as a skillful director of contemporary plays” (The Washington Post) blurs the lines between hero and traitor in this politically driven tragedy.

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Mar 28, 2013 - Jun 2, 2013

Harman Hallby William Shakespeare

directed by David Muse

Performed in repertory with Wallenstein
The Clarice Smith Repertory Series is sponsored by the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation.

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