In a Mexican town at the end of the world, there is a place where “the spring of humanity has gone dry”: the Camino Real. There, Williams’s characters–real and imagined, literary and literal–fight their doomed destinies. With the grim hotel-keeper Gutman serving as his master of ceremonies, Williams brings together Don Quixote, Lord Byron, the virgin-whore Esmeralda, Casanova, a boxer with the heart of gold named Kilroy, and others for a carnival of desperate love and violent death. Written immediately after The Glass Menagerie, Camino Real is Williams’s most fantastical work, at once intellectual and extraordinary theatrical, romantic and tragic, surreal and poetic.

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Camino Real

May 30, 2000 - Jul 23, 2000

Klein Theatreby Tennessee Williams

directed by Michael Kahn
Sponsored by R. Robert Linowes, Lawrence A. Hough, Landon Butler and Shugoli Research.
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