“Big Brother is watching.”

April, 1984. 13:00. Comrade 6079, Winston Smith, thinks a thought, starts a diary, and falls in love. But Big Brother is watching him—and the door to Room 101 can swing open in the blink of an eye. George Orwell’s chilling vision of a dystopian future is brought to life in a radical multimedia production. Called “a brilliant retelling” by the Guardian, Headlong’s production of 1984 explores surveillance, identity, and the security state. See why Orwell’s 1949 novel of a totalitarian world—the definitive book of the 20th century—is as relevant now as ever, and particularly resonant in the political environment of Washington, D.C.

1984 joins Dunsinane as STC brings international presentations into the core mainstage season. This production was created by Headlong, an acclaimed U.K. theatre ensemble, with the support of the Nottingham Playhouse and The Almeida Theatre. Headlong’s work interrogates important cultural texts, previously tackling new productions of Faustus, King LearMedea, and Romeo and Juliet.

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Mar 11, 2016 - Apr 10, 2016

A new adaptation created by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan
1984 was originally produced by Headlong, Nottingham Playhouse, and Almeida Theatre
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes with no intermission

True to the novel, this intense dystopian drama contains graphic depictions of violence, loud noises and flashing lights. Recommended for mature audiences.
1984 is supported by Dr. Paul and Mrs. Rose Carter and the British Council.

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The Performers
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  • Parsons
    Simon Coates
  • O'Brien
    Tim Dutton
  • Charington
    Stephen Fewell
  • Martin
    Christopher Patrick Nolan
  • Syme
    Ben Porter
  • Winston
    Matthew Spencer
  • Mrs. Parsons
    Mandi Symonds
  • Julia
    Hara Yannas
  • Child
    Koral Kent
  • Child
    Anais Killian

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