Learn: Workshops

Now in-person and virtual 

STC School Workshops bring a STC Teaching Artist to engage students in the exploration of Shakespeare’s text, other classical works, or specific subjects and themesall through performance!  

Workshops can also be tailored to address specific themes or topics such as social justice, mental health awareness and well-being, etc.  

NEW! Teachers have the option to invite an STC Teaching Artist to lead school-wide professional development opportunities for staff. 

Let’s craft something together!   

FOR STUDENTS: 1-, 3-, or 5-day Workshops 

Designed to allow students to deepen their understanding and appreciation for timeless works, all while using them as a medium for self-expression and awareness. Customizable with options to explore acting, text, design, and playwriting.  


1-day workshop: $150 

3-day workshops: $375 

5-day workshops: $500 

Each workshop lasts 45-60 minutes.  

Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers are invited to apply here