What We Do


Theatre is an event—a special event, an extraordinary event. Theatre is something people do together. Theatre is a search—every day—for the common threads that bind us all.


The work of our house dramatist has endured over the centuries because it has evolved over the centuries. Shakespeare’s stories, characters, and words continue to resonate, challenge, and evolve by burrowing their way into an audience’s imagination. These plays are like the theatre itself—spaces for endless and restless reinvention.

Audacity and Vitality

Classical plays are realized best not by originalism but by walking the path Shakespeare himself followed, creating works that spoke to his own contemporary audience. A classical theatre that does not speak to the present moment is a museum. We tell vital stories in audacious forms. We tell stories that are Shakespearean in the deepest sense, even if (and especially when) they are not written by Shakespeare.

Community and Empathy

Each show is an opportunity to build our community. The theatre is a place—one of our first places, one of our last places–where we are encouraged to inhabit the thoughts and feelings of people radically different from ourselves. By building empathy, we build community; by building community, we build empathy.